title: Tik-Tak
format: Kids TV program

Five artmovies based on Belgium Kids TV program Tik-Tak. Project in the making.

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Presupposition: Kids TV programs are playful and educative. They teach children the basic principles of life. How to name and distinct, for example, colours - numbers - animals (and the sound they make) - characters (to write and pronounce) - shapes (circles, squares, triangles).
Children are taught how to understand the world in principles created by man. The basic principles of our understanding are embedded and propagated in Kids TV.

Format template: Tik Tak.
Tik Tak is a well known Belgian kids TV program and one of the oldest shows for young children on national TV. The show was initiated by Mil Lenssens who was inspired by young kids watching the lottery balls with great interest and as if paralyzed. The predictable, repetitive mixture of colours, movements and music rhythms were basic elements of the show. Every episode starts with sheep moving in a clock from sunrise till sunset, and ends with a silhouette in a book full of adventures. The show was broadcasted until 2006. It was sold to 30 countries and is one of the biggest Belgian TV export products.