title: Play
format: Computer game
Video installation and computer game.
Life is a game that you can PLAY!
New edition 2014

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...Documentation of the computer game PLAY
Play2: Prints of home video stills on wooden blocks
PLAY is an interactive video game, made of home videos captured and selected from the Internet.

The simplistic goal of the game PLAY is to catch as many cascading balls as possible to gain points and to extend the duration of the game. As the game progresses, the player is influenced and distracted by a series of random graphics and film clips. The visual design of the game is a combination of a gambling casino slot machine and an archaic arcade game. 

The film clips are home videos found on the Internet and placed in differtent categories, varying from innocent, children’s birthday parties and weddings to environmental disasters and the violent. Images are grainy and actually human.

PLAY demonstrates how private images from all over the world enter our living rooms and exposes life as an addictive and surrealistic game.

A first edition of the artwork was released in 2005, before the introduction of video platforms as YouTube and Vimeo. In 2013 I started to carefully collect and add new home videos to the ever-growing database. A new edition of this game will be released in 2014.