Exhibition "Connected Spaces" by gallery NIFFO during Art Rotterdam. Locations: Paul Krugerstraat 151-153 / Paul Krugerstraat 210, Rotterdam. To be seen from February 5th till March 8th 2015.
Solo exhibition Play2 at City Art Gallery Rotterdam, from October 5th 2014 until November 16th 2014, Insulinestraat 248 Rotterdam.
Lecture 'An image holds us captive' by Martijn Pieterse and Anuska Oosterhuis and screenplay of the
Memetic Manifesto on October 26th at 15.00h.

Premiere Memetic Manifesto film and lecture
'Am image holds us captive'
by Anuska Oosterhuis, Martijn Pieterse and Bas Siebum
Melanchton Cultuurkring, May 30th 2013 19.30h,
Melanchthon Schiebroek, Van Bijnkershoekweg 97, Rotterdam

The Memetic Manifesto has been selected for WildBookMarket during Art Rotterdam.
Opening: Friday February 10th 2012, 19h
Openinghours: Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th from 15h till 19h
Location: Robert Fruinstraat 35, Rotterdam
Watch My Favorite Funeral at the SuikerZoet Filmfestival, CBK Wennekerpand, Schiedam. Curators: Edwin Spek and Annerieke Kooi. To be seen from November 17th till November 20th, 2011.
Watch the first episode of My Favorite Funeral in museum Twentse Welle. Exhibition: Better then God - the dilemma of socially engineered beauty. Curator: Hans Kennepohl.
To be seen from October 1st, 2010 till February 28th, 2011.
Centre for debate Arminius dedicates an evening to My Favorite Funeral named "Reality shows and suicide". Including the actors of My Favorite Funeral, media scientist Henri Beunders and artists Jonas Staal and Anuska Oosterhuis. November 13th, 2008. Watch the debate
Rijnmond TV broadcasts the episodes of My Favorite Funeral in May and October 2008. Watch the episodes